Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Elder Groesbeck's email from August 10, 2015
Hey this is lake San Marcos!!! It's really beautiful!! It's in the bottom part of my mission and most of the people here are pretty wealthy. We did a lot of work this week. I went on exchanges with Elder Mardesich!! He is from Utah and was a lot of fun. We did some tracting, and I have been doing a lot more contacting more than ever before!! I got 16 for one day!! We have a SOE of 22 street contacts a day.
WE also were able to meet with one investigator she just broke up with her boyfriend who was investigating the church and her kids want to come so we are going to hopefully be able to start working with her. I've been doing a lot of work with meeting the ward, and we are trying to contact a lot more less active people out here. The people that are out here all are very unique. We run into a lot of people everyday who are from lots of different places, somedays I wish I could speak Spanish so I could contact people who speak it. It's really hard talking to them when they don't speak your language, but it's ok. We can still try and talk to them about the missionaries!! So while on exchanges I was able to give away my FIRST BOOK OF MOROMON!!! With Elder Mardesichs help, he started talking to her and I talked to her about the Book of Mormon, and it was amazing!!! I know the church is true more than ever!! So being a missionary and sharing a little about our week this week I want to offer a challenge. So the challenge I'm sure many of you have done this many times. I do it all the time out here. So I want you to think about something that is bothering you or is causing stress and pray and ask Heavenly Father to answer your prayer by you opening your scriptures and pointing or looking at a scripture. I did it this morning and read the account of the Brother of Jared!! I learned so much!! After you finish ponder what you have read apply it to your life and think about how it applies to you!! Then thank heavenly father for what he has done for you, then most importantly ACT act on what your learned make the change, or use what he taught you. This will all be different for everyone so no one will have the same experience!!! I can testify that the Book of Mormon is true it does and will answer all your questions you have, Heavenly father wants to bless all of us he is waiting for us to take a step towards him and to be able to learn and grow on the earth!! While there is now growth in the comfort zone there is no comfort in the growth zone!! I'm way out of my comfort zone and thats why I'm growing I know Heavenly Father hears and answers all our prayers and loves all of us!! I know that Joseph Smith did talk to our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ in the sacred grove!!! I know that no matter what we go through Heavenly Father is there to help us along. I know that His Grace is sufficent to save all!! Thank you all for everything you have done I can't thank you all enough I admire each one of you and look up to you!! Thank you all for the amazing people you are and I know that you are all going to do amazing things!!!
Love Elder Groesbeck
P.S. If you are alright with sharing your expreiences with me I would love to hear them!! Sorry the letter is a little short.