Monday, December 14, 2015

Elder Groesbeck's email August 3, 2015

So yep im in the San Ellijo Hills Ward!! It is an amazing ward everyone has been super nice!! So I will get you pictures next week i forgot my cord so sorry!!:/ So this week was kinda tough contacting is a lot harder than i thought it would be but its all good. I have fasted and im not worrying about what other people say. The area is beautiful and the members are great at giving us rides. We have walked almost everywhere, but there is an old bike i will be using from the last elders so i don't know if i will need to buy a bike. Thanks for transferring that though. The members feed us very well and everyone around is pretty satisfied with how they are in there lives so we ask them if there is anything we can do to help them we ask 22 people everyday and so thats 154 a week or so. So i have meet a lot of the memebers so far and by far had the most memorable dinner appointment yet. So we go to the halgrens and Elder Wixom tells me he is a less active Jehova's witness, and i was tired so didn't think much of it. We go in and they have two boys who are shredding on there guitars and ones upstairs playing drums it was cool. I played a little!!!:D So the father wasn't home yet so we were waiting and talking to sister Halgren and he gets there with his friend who is kinda a big guy that has glasses on and a grave shirt on, so he talks to me and says he is divorced and that he spends a lot of time in the temple. And then Mr. Halgren comes in with a bottle of corona 1 i was kinda like OK whats going on here. And so all of a sudden we pray and we start eating and the guy i was just talking to takes a shot of the corona1. And then we sit down and start eating the food was amazing lots of fruit and chicken and stuff like that it was great. Then Mr. Halgren says ive been thinking a lot about what you have taught me last time about Joseph Smith and i think im ready to be baptized! He said I will do it if we all take a shot! I say sorry I can't do that...... and then the peer pressure starts and he said come on Elder Wixom and he urges him and says you know how hard it is to get a baptism here. This was on our second or third day as companions and then Elder Wixom thinks about it I left the room for seconds and come back and I keep saying no. And then Elder Wixom wipes the top off and takes a shot and says yuck that was gross!! All I could think was oh no what did I get myself into!! Then everyone starts laughing!! I was just shaking my head and then Mr. Halgren stands up shakes my hand and says HI I'm Brother Halgren and welcome to the ward. Turns out cream soda looks a lot like Corona 1!!! So I swore my revenge and I'm gonna think something up to get even!!! I love their family now though so we will see!! We haven't had any lessons yet, but I will be here for like 12 weeks so I will deffinetly work on helping move the work along!! I have been reading a lot in the scriptures and in the adjusting to missionary life packet, I'ts really cool to read that it helps out so much!! The area is great people are tough I might be a little darker when I come home, but I have seen miracles here and I'm so so happy to be here this is where im supposed to be!! I just want to say that mircales can be just little things like praying to here from someone and getting a text right after you say Amen, Getting all your contacts in on the hardest day of the week, or helping you overcome your fear of contacting and talking to people!! I testify that Christ Lives and is mindful of all of us!! I'm doing great!!
I Just hope you all know how much i Love all of you!!! You are all amazing and all have amazing gifts from our father in heaven I look up to all of you!! I just want to challenge you to read D and C 6 this week as a family i love the last couple verses!! I also challenge you to pray and ask him what he would like you to do to help someone else this week!! I know that with exact obedience miracles come!!
I also meet a man who is 95 years old and still drives us around he is a pro!! I also have seen some awesome cars here, there are a bunch of new jaguars mustangs, crazy trucks, and etc!!! I have been able to bare testimony to a ton of members while ive been here. Thanks for the last package it has been amazing to eat all of it!! I went shopping to day and we have an albertsons right next to our apartment and also Taco Train is the best mexican place around!! Love it!!
Love yah!! Hang 10 and hang loose!!
Sincerely Elder Groesbeck

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