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August 31, 2015

Hello Idaho!!!! Alrighty so this week we have had an awesome week. So we went and visited a less active guy, the missionaries told him if he got baptized his golf game would improve, and it did! But he only came to sacrament meeting and didn't really love the others as much. So after 7 years of amazing service he fell away. He never read The Book Of Mormon so he never really developed a strong testimony.. So we visited him and talked to him about sports and then we finally got into the questions of why he isn't coming and why he liked the church. We talked to him and he is trying to pray more and i shared Ether 12:27 and told him if he read even a verse a day out of The Book Of Mormon that he would receive the answers he needed and his prayers would be more sincere. It was amazing how the spirit was there so strong! We were also able to go and visit Brother Runyan! He is a legend! He is 95 years old, he still drives us around, serves in the temple, plays golf 3 times a week and takes care of his wife who is mostly blind and pretty well deaf. Its so amazing! So this week he gave us another thing of fresh orange juice, so i will attach a picture with all of us and our manly mugs! I love that man! Then we were able to meet this really cool lady who just moved into our complex, she is single and christian and we helped her move a few things into her apartment. She even gave us all a bottle of lemon oil from doterra. So we hope we can be able to go and teach her. We also picked up another potential investigator named Brad! He is super cool he plays soccer and has long hair and massive calves probably as big as yours Ethan!!;) love yah man! So we are hoping to go and start teaching him. This week I was able to help teach a lesson to a guy from the Discovery Hills ward his name was Vincent he served as a Marine. He served two tours. He was super respectful and he was able to tell us thanks for serving. We were able to share a Book Of Mormon with him and he said he would read it. And we taught a little bit about the restoration. We had to pass him off the the YSA elders but it was way cool to finally teach my first lesson. 
Yesterday we had stake conference and they talked about where your heart is there your treasure will be also. So I thought a lot about that yesterday and then last night it hit me that I need to make sure and give my heart to the people of the San Elijo Hills ward! So after doing that my day has been amazing and I know that if we all watch out for where are hearts are and give them to the lord i know miracles will happen. So my challenge to all of you this week is to find out where your heart is find out what your spending a lot of your time doing and see where that is from the eternal perspective of things. If your spending more time with the internet then family might want to fix that. So that's the challenge for this week. I will be right along with you in striving to do it. Well I love you all and I hope you have all had an amazing week! Keep up all the amazing work and I hope we can all strive to be "Nearer My God to Thee"
Sincerly Elder Groesbeck
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These are my plants an elder left they are sunflowers i think!! 
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It was Elder Johnsrud's birthday so we baked him a cake. 
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WE biked up a good hill to see a less active so we figured we would get a picture.

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This is our orange juice from Brother Runyan. 

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