Sunday, December 18, 2016

Email from August 24, 2015

Alright so this week has been amazing!! So some awesome stories for this week. So first off we had exchanges and I was with Elder Mardesich again, love the guy he has helped me out so much and gave me something to remember: P.A.C.E Positive Attitude Changes Everything!!!! I have been working on being positive all the time. It's helped me out so much. So we worked really hard on that day and we were able to bike into San Elijo Hills we tracted a little and were able to go and visit some people. One family we visited were the Taufa's. They are both from Hawaii and they are amazing, I love the Taufa's they all have an amazing family feel in there home and super friendly they would do anything for us. We went on splits with him and we visited some people and set up some return appointments. It was awesome, we discussed how we could get our ward more active in missionary work. So we have thought a lot about that. If anyone has any ideas we are all ears. 
Alright so second cool story for this week. We went to go and visit an older couple who were passed to us by the YSA, (weird huh) But we went to go and visit them and they were super kind, we talked to him very slowly because he only understands a little bit of English. He is from Baghdad and came here seeking refuge for his family because he is Christian. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He has read it, it only took him three weeks. Then we talked about modern day prophets and baptism and Elder Johnsrud invited him to a baptism that night and he also invited him to church that Sunday the following day. He went and he enjoyed it. The spirit truly is the teacher in this work. We are working on getting some Elders that speak Arabic to come and teach him from San Diego. Its been cool to see that. Then last night I met my first BASHER. HE was a hispanic guy and he was pretty nice but had some way interesting views and thought we were too young to know what we were talking about. We just said thank you for expressing to us your opinion and we talked to him for like 15 minutes, he wasn't even the guy we went to go see. We didn't bash with him but he told us that mi casa is sue casa. Really nice guy and maybe we had an effect on him. That's one thing we all don't realize is that just the little things can make a huge difference and we never know who they will effect. I love this work and I know I'm supposed to be here. 
My challenge to all of you this week is to talk to someone about the gospel, it dosent have to be huge or anything, and remember if you don't know and answer to there question say I have two friends I know that can answer that for you how about we meet them at my house sometime? I promise if you prayerfully seek a name it will come and miracles will happen. Well until next week Love you all and Hang Loose!! 
Sincerly Elder Groesbeck! 

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Elder Parker who went home's shirt he left behind. I can still fit into a small shirt. 
Elder Johnsrud, Elder Wixom, Elder Groesbeck San Elijo Hills Ward, San Marcos California. 
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My new flag shirt. 

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